Corona Hypocrisy

On April 24, 160,000 people died of Covid-19 out of a world population of nearly 8 billion, which was reason for our world leaders to join forces for vaccines.

If you take a look at world-o-meters (based on the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) today, you will see that 843,690,139 people suffer from hunger and undernourishment. Apparently, our world leaders do not have any problem with that.

Yesterday, June 12, 2020 5,013,281 people have died of hunger in 2020. That’s a horrible death, especially for children – and it should NOT be accepted. World leaders should consider that! So, instead of food, the 800 million people who are malnourished will soon receive a vaccine. Do you think they care about a vaccine?

On May 4, The Guardian reports:
World leaders, except Donald Trump, have allocated nearly € 7.4 billion to research Covid-19 vaccines at a virtual event convened by the EU. They have also promised that the money will also be used to spread the vaccines in poor countries.

Who can calculate may know ow many water pumps could put down for 7.4 billion in developing countries!! How many lives would save with that?


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