Do not count on the European Union in times of crisis

If the Corona pandemic has made one thing clear, it is that, in times of crisis, we do not have to rely on the EU.

With a grand gesture the European Union is now making available a Rescue Package of more than 500 billion euros, but has ultimately be paid by all citizens in the EU Member States. It is obvious that he EU missed an unique opportunity to promote themselve during the outbreak of the virus. It should, for example, have coordinated the purchase and distribution of (medical) facemasks and ventilators or testing. This would have allowed the EU to demonstrate its usefulness at once. Actually, she should have ensured much earlier that the EU countries were not fully dependent on China for the production of medicines. But unfortunately, care is not its concern. Every country finds out for itself, the tens of thousands of EU officials in Brussels have something else to do. Like what, you wonder? Well, for example, meeting and moving.

While the economies of the EU countries are on fire and people getting more and more desperate, Euro commissioner Margrethe Vestager, decided that all travel agencies and airlines are obliged to return money back instead of providing vouchers to customers. She does not seem to realise that the billions of euros what it costs are simply not there anymore. Of course travel agencies know that customers are entitled to a refund and they will refund customers who refuse a voucher.

Lost jobs

EU commissioner Vestager has no idea what it means to run a company in one of the worst affected industries. Many thousands of employees in the travel industry have lost their jobs and companies are in danger of going bankrupt.

Does it wonder me? No, all 27 EU commissioners have built shining careers as civil servants. A few have some Years experience as a member of staff at an embassy or as a judge, but almost without exception they have spent their entire lives to get higher positions in the EU.

Only two out of 27 have experience in business and yet they receive 300,000 euros a year.
Deeply sad…..

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