Europe is no longer Europe

Europe will be diverse, or war! – said Frans Timmermans on migration, culture and diversity in October 2015. And yet, here we´re in 2020. Unfortunately, Europe will not remain the Europe we built. Europe will not remain a place of peace and freedom. Europe will be diverse AND in war! France is no longer France Germany is no longer Germany Belgium is no longer Belgium Netherlands is no longer Netherlands Great Britain is no longer Great Britain Italy is no

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Do not count on the European Union in times of crisis

If the Corona pandemic has made one thing clear, it is that, in times of crisis, we do not have to rely on the EU. With a grand gesture the European Union is now making available a Rescue Package of more than 500 billion euros, but has ultimately be paid by all citizens in the EU Member States. It is obvious that he EU missed an unique opportunity to promote themselve during the outbreak of the virus. It should, for

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