Greta: CNN’s coronavirus expert?

Greta Thunberg is also promoted as a corona expert now: ‘This is outrageous’

Greta Thunberg must have extraordinary gifts. She does not go to school, but she is both a climate expert and a corona expert. CNN announced that the climate teen will participating in a corona panel, former CDC director Richard Besser and former health minister Kathleen Sebelius are also guests on the program entitled ‘Coronavirus: Facts and Fears’.

Shame on CNN, shame on the producer of that program, for thinking it’s appropriate to have a 17-year-old climate activist on a panel about this global pandemic

They both served under President Obama. Last week was former vice president and avid climate activist Al Gore is still a guest in the studio.

Scandalous Thunberg has been in the news almost continuously with her climate protests since 2018. The corona crisis threw a spanner in the works, but don’t worry: the Swedish teenager is at home in all markets. Thunberg, whose mother Last year she claimed to see CO2 with the naked eye, said earlier this year that she was infected with the corona virus and had recovered Gemma Tognini commented on Sky New s that CNN should be ashamed and that the channel’s credibility has been severely damaged. It’s outrageous that a 17-year-old climate activist is in a corona panel, she said. CNN ‘ should be ashamed’ for putting Greta Thunberg on a COVID panel.

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