President Trump’s recent tweet ‘will drive his opponents crazy’

Many in the media hate US President Donald Trump so vehemently they will continue to adopt a “dishonest and deceptive way” in which they report on him.

I think there is “no excuse” for that sort of media reporting. “Media should be honest”. “And this is one thing I really appreciate about Trump … he calls out Fake News”. The President recently tweeted out a clip showing a white toddler chasing a black child with the clip made to appear as if it was published from CNN.

An accompanied banner in the clip also reads “Terrified todler runs from racist baby” and “Racist baby probably a Trump voter”. The tweet was subsequently hit with a “manipulated media” tag by Twitter.

Trump does know how to use social media to his advantage, and you know he’ll drive his opponents crazy with stuff like that.

Time for some humor, watch here latest Trump campaign video. The sad thing is, it shows exactly how it works

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