Thank you for helping to destroy many retailers

If whites were to riot every time a white man is shot by the police, there would never be any rest on the street

Arson, violence, looting and anti-white rhetoric fill the streets of a few dozen US cities right now. Why was Mr. Floyd’s death the reason for all this turmoil?

Apologies. Why did the Mainstream Media coverage of Floyd’s death trigger this unrest?

The current protests are a textbook example of what the Mainstream Media can do with the way they bring reports / lies. It was stations like CNN, CBS, MSNBC, etc. that decided to frame Floyd’s death as a textbook example of racism against Afros instead of deadly amateurism in the agents’ arrest. Thank you CNN, thanks to your framing, the Afro community and “Left” Gutmenschen have been raised, with all its consequences!

The Bitter Irony of It All: No one will remember George Floyd, but the riots, just as hardly anyone remembers what the 1992 LA riots were about except riots, robberies, fires, and armed shopkeepers defending their stores.

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