The clock is ticking……

We’re going to lose trillions if this stay at home crap continues. That’s the bigger picture. If we continue to follow these ridiculous guidelines that will never work then we won’t have a country to even come back to.

If its air born this virus can enter your eyes. Why do you think they recommend covering your eyes with some kind of protective glasses? Why do these so called experts say don’t touch your face, nose and don’t rub your eyes because it can enter you or infect you that way. Why even wear gloves if we can only be infected through our breathing passages? So if this virus stays in air for hours, the wind may carry it everywhere making contact with your eyes, ears, hair, forehead and exposed skin. Might as well cover your entire body with a plastic bubble just to be on the safe side and just live in it the rest of your lives because the mask and gloves are just not enough.

Currently over millions people are unemployed trying to make ends meet to feed the average family of 3. Sometimes you need common sense to see the big picture not proof! Just like when you watch a movie, you would figure out how the movie ends by its plot. And this is reality not a movie but by the looks of things and by the careless decisions these clueless leaders are making, I can see the end results of America. Poverty, chaos and destruction! Mark my word.

Yes maybe social distancing and isolation prevented further damage but again we do not destroy this virus by doing so. The virus will always linger around just like the flu virus or HIV. These frauds never cure them but they talk and act like they can. These guidelines will be the end of society and humanity.

We were designed to be social beings and to hinder that and control that and destroy that is far more dangerous than any virus. It is detrimental to our mind, body and soul! It is already affecting our children’s wellbeing and people’s state of mind! It’s a slow suicide. These leaders who enforced this and may want to inforce and extend this death lifestyle further should be the ones locked out and isolated from society for good.”

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