What the Mainstream Media was Afraid to Tell You

What the mainstream media was afraid to tell you about the news this week.

This week, while the mainstream media was obsessing about Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling’s transgender tweets, here are the things that happen, that really matters:

A new poll reveals 72% of Americans have a favorable view of police. Just 19 percent have unfavorable views and 51 percent of black voters have a favorable view of police. Who wants to tell the white liberal rioters that the majority of black people view police favorably?

Well, not the mainstream media that’s for sure. They did not report on this poll at all. A mob of Antifa thugs seized six blocks of downtown seattle and declared it to be a cop free zone. The anarchist thugs renamed the area the capitol hill autonomous zone or Chaz for short, and erect barriers and adorned them with signs that read you are now leaving the USA and the People’s Republic of Capitol Hill, like all hostage takers.

This lawless group of radical leftists have their demands. The anarchists are demanding the total abolition of the city’s police force. The abolition of prisons, mandatory re-education for teachers and members of the media and racial segregation in the city’s hospitals. And did the mainstream media report on this? Barely and when they did, look at this Twitter headline, Twitter called it: “peaceful protesters”…. ridiculous!!

300 public health officials, the same kind who told us to stay at home, now sign a letter in support of the riots. But at the same time, the public health officials condemned the anti lockdown protests and they actually admit their hypocrisy. They admit they do not justrely on science rather they are driven by ideology. This is what they wrote and I quote

As public health officials, we do not condemn these gatherings they’re talking about the riots as risky for Covid-19 transmission. This should not be confused with a permissive stance on all gatherings, particularly protests against stay at home orders.

But did the mainstream media report on this utterly stange Apocrypha? No, they didn’t! The WHO (World Health Organization) this week, announced, even though you were forced to social distance for three months, asymptomatic transmission of covid-19 is actually rare. That’s right. The whole premise of the government-mandated lockdowns was based on the idea that we might all be unwitting carriers of Covid-19. A symptomatic carriers killing granny. So healthy people were locked down. Healthy people were forced to close their businesses and now, the World Health Organization reveals that premise was unscientific.
But did the mainstream media report on this?

Yes actually. but the mainstream media pretended like the World Health Organization got it wrong, because God forbid, the mainstream media allow it, to look like Democrats or Democrat politicians got something wrong.

The left is fooling nobody when they claim that defund the police doesn’t actually mean defund the police. We’re not stupid! We know what words mean, and we have proof of the radical leftist agenda to disband the police. Minneapolis City Council President Lisa bender admitted, she looks forward to a police free future, a police free future. But did the mainstream media report on this? Yes, CNN actually aired bender but then afterwards, they still kept insisting that defund the police and disband the police doesn’t actually mean what the people who are doing it, say it means. The mainstream media doesn’t care to report any of that to you.

So we will.

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